Beam (Electrolux) Deluxe Dusting Brush

  • Model number 045191
  • Fits 1 1/4" standard central vacuum fittings
  • Soft horsehair bristles
  • Perfect for cleaning delicate draperies and upholstery
  • Dust fine furniture without scratching

Central vacuum dusting brushes are an essential component of any central vacuum cleaning accessory kit. A small tool with full bristles, the dusting brush has traditionally been used for dusting furniture, baseboards, lamps, and lamp shades. You can go even further with a good dusting brush and take your cleaning to a new level. A central vacuum system with a good dusting brush is ideal for cleaning screens, air conditioning vents, refrigerator coils, permanent air filters, ceiling fans, blinds, window frames, crown molding, and light fixtures.

Dusting brushes are not all the same and come with a variety of features:

  • Natural bristles are our favorite choice for cleaning. Natural bristles are softer, the dust adheres to them better, and they are more durable than dusting brushes with synthetic bristles.
  • Dusting brushes can be round, elongated or triangular shaped. You’ll need to consider which shape best fits your cleaning needs.
  • Dusting brushes are also available with swivel necks. A swivel neck will allow you to maneuver the dusting brush easily in areas over your head.

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